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Lake Polyfytos is an artificial lake on Aliakmonas, the longest river with its springs in Greece. In the early 70's, growing demand for electricity and irrigation in the Kozani Prefecture led to river diversion and the construction of a hydroelectric dam. Polyfytos dam is 112 m high and sits on a lake surrounded by mountains. The lake's surface is 74 sq km. Its waters are mostly supplied by Aliakmonas river (78%-84%) and a multitude of smaller streams from a wide water basin of 5.630 sq km. With a maximum depth of 91 m, it is one of the deepest lakes in Greece. The Servia - Neraida high bridge of 1.372 m crosses the lake 55 m above water level. The lake is the property of the Public Power Corporation S.A. but provides profitable fishing, agricultural crops and even ecotourism benefits to local communities. Focusing on water pollution, the lake waters are polluted from cattle farming, slaughterhouses, dairy factories, fertilizers and sewage. But the river rapidly and sufficiently refreshes the lake and maintains waters at a good state. Near the dam, currents are very strong.